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Profile of the BALKANETUP

The BALKANETUP is dedicated to promoting modern and innovative teaching strategies in HEIs across the Western Balkans. Hence, the network is open to HEIs, organizations involved in Lifelong Learning, and individuals interested in Higher Education Pedagogy. The network may also collaborate with national and international associations, ministries, government agencies, NGOs, and private sector partners.

To make the networking more effective, members cooperate with each other, provide staff training, conduct, support and distribute research and activities via an e-platform, initially established by the MAGNET project  and also communicate through online forums, social media, and newsletters. The network places a strong emphasis on ICT with a high degree of digitization, by developing digital skills for academics through new media and technology training in capacity-building education programs.

The BALKANETUP also establishes and maintains connections with existing European networks and seeks partnerships in relevant projects. 

Finally, the BALKANETUP, at the institutional level, supports the foundation of CTLs, the publication of information and news about the MAGNET project and other relevant and similar projects.