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Communication Methods

To ensure effective communication, the BALKANETUP communication plan that outlines objectives, audiences, and communication methods is set up. By using a combination of communication methods, BALKANETUP can create a dynamic and engaging network where members can collaborate on projects and initiatives that enhance University Pedagogy in the Western Balkans.

The BALKANETUP members have various communication methods to choose from, depending on their preferences and resources. To ensure that all members have access to communication with each other, an e-platform for online storage and mailings and newsletters is provided through the MAGNET project. To stay connected and informed, members can participate in an online Forum, but also to all kinds of (e) meetings, webinars, conferences, and joint events. Other communication methods include video conferencing, collaboration tools like Google Drive, and websites. Moreover, an annual meeting providing an opportunity for a face-to-face communication between members could be an option.