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University of Sarajevo adopts a new Statute

University of Sarajevo adopted a new Statute including provisions for the establishment of the Office for professional development of teachers and non-academic staff (UNSA CTL) as planned in the MAGNET project. It is important to highlight also that the provisions that refer to the future Office will also carry out its activities through cooperation with other offices at the universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe engaged in improving the quality of the teaching process, and enabling our Office to engage in the network foreseen by the MAGNET.

The UNSA CTL will be built up comprising components for both online and in-class educational activities: DIGI.EDU and TRAIN (Training and Research for Academic Newcomers).
The TRAIN program includes eight two-day in class courses delivered since 2013, and DIGI.EDU is offering ten online courses with open access. We invite all our partners to explore these courses freely at The content is in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language and after registration all users can enroll in the courses, complete self-paced education including the tests, and receive the certificate.