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Expected Results

The support for the implementation of modern, innovative, transformative, student-centered instructional strategies in HEI in the West Balkans

The formation of the BALKANETUP via the integration of knowledge, good practices, shared experience for the academic educational processes

The establishment of CTLs in HEIs

The launching of an e-Net to support BALKANETUP

The upgrading of teaching and learning methods that lead to better students’ outcomes


Project Management Plan

University Pedagogy, mostly enhanced through the operation of Centres for Teaching and Learning (CTL), is a main pillar for the implementation of the European Higher Education Area. MAGNET project aims to develop a network for University Pedagogy in the West Balkans States, through know-how transfer from countries that have CTLs under operation to all partner countries. Main objectives include the know-how transfer, the foundation of CTLs, the production of educational material and the creation of a sustainable network BalkaNetUP (Balkan Network for University Pedagogy).