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Membership in BALKANETUP

The BALKANETUP includes, apart from HEIs, a diverse range of members, including professors, lecturers, teaching assistants, academic support staff, instructional designers, members of international offices, researchers and (post)doctoral students, CTLs, stakeholders and experts, and all kinds of educational organizations. The networking of this community provides its members with an opportunity to collaborate, exchange knowledge and best practices, and work together with their colleagues to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Higher Education. All members are committed to promoting excellence in teaching and learning in Higher Education.

There are three types of membership:

  1. Institutional - for HEIs interested in innovative teaching and learning methods associated with a curriculum and for all kinds of organizations and foundations supporting active learning methods in the Western Balkan region. HEIs could also claim their membership through their CTLs. Institutional membership is represented by an authorized member of the academia of each HEI.
  2. Individual - for interested individual scholars, researchers and members of HEIs who have a strong interest in University Pedagogy.
  3. Associated - for educational organizations (via an authorized representative) which do not have an official relation to HEIs or CTLs but are active or intend to work in the field of University Pedagogy or in relevant scientific areas. All pedagogical/adult education/lifelong learning institutions which carry out research and show interest in the field of University Pedagogy are eligible.

The membership procedure involves completing an application form, providing a statement of adherence to network policies and guidelines, and a summary of qualifications and expertise regarding University Pedagogy, as well as showing a commitment to actively participate in the network activities.  Additionally, the use of the BALKANETUP logo and a link to the official webpage of the institution are required.

The network's governing body (the Steering Committee) reviews applications for acceptance whereas decision on entering the BALKANETUP is taken by a simple majority vote of the present members during an assembly meeting which takes place twice a year.

Future memberships include other HEIs, CTLs, individuals or educational organizations/ foundations located in the Western Balkans region or all over Europe. Thus, the network expands to organizations and institutions that share a similar mission and vision. 


Duties and Responsibilities of members

Members are expected to actively participate in all activities, share knowledge and resources, and disseminate results. They must contribute to the network's goals, including supporting initiatives and other members of the BALKANETUP, and complying with the rules and regulations of the network. They are required to share relevant information related to teaching and learning in Higher Education. Moreover, entering the BALKANETUP includes some ethical requirements and expectations. Members are expected to demonstrate an interest and/or excellence in teaching and learning in Higher Education, active engagement in research and development activities related to teaching and learning in HEIs, quality assurance and accreditation, respect for all members and their work, ethical scientific attitude, and a collaborative and student-centered culture.

No fees are required from members of the BALKANETUP.