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MAGNET PROJECT - Professional Development Session

The Language Center at South East European University organized a profound professional development seminar on Global Learning in EFL Classrooms in line with the objectives of the MAGNET project, which focuses on the creation of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CLT). The goal of this seminar was to enhance the expertise of educators in the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instruction. The session, which concentrated on the intentional integration of global learning, was a resounding success and marked another milestone in our commitment to fostering globally competent students and responsible global citizens.
The seminar, facilitated by the esteemed external expert Vesna Dimitrievska, who hails from Indiana University, provided educators with a unique opportunity to explore innovative approaches to EFL instruction. Ms. Dimitrievska’s wealth of experience and valuable insights into global learning strategies ensured that participants gained helpful knowledge and skills.
Global learning, the core theme of the session, delved into the significance of developing global competencies among students. The event emphasized the critical role that educators play in preparing students to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. Through collaborative discussions and practical demonstrations, attendees learned how to intentionally infuse global perspectives into their teaching methodologies. The ultimate goal is to empower students to become informed, empathetic, and active global citizens who are well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to our ever-changing global society.

Key takeaways from the seminar include:

  • Strategies for integrating global content into EFL curricula.
  • Tools and resources to foster cross-cultural understanding in the classroom.
  • Effective approaches for promoting critical thinking, empathy, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Practical techniques for assessing and measuring global learning outcomes.

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