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Learning Cycles in University Pedagogy

The kick-off meeting of the MAGNET (Managerial and GoverNance Enhancement through Teaching) took place in the city of Alexandroupoli, Greece from 16th to 18th February 2023. UP was represented by professor Naser Zabeli. This meeting was also linked with the Conference of Democritus University of Thrace’s Center of Teaching and learning (CTL) titled “Learning Cycles in University Pedagogy” held on 18th of February.
MAGNET is a consortium of 12 HEI partner institutions from 8 WB countries. University Pedagogy, mostly enhanced through the operation of Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTL), is a main pillar for the implementation of the European Higher Education Area. MAGNET aims to develop a network for University Pedagogy in the Western Balkans states, through know-how transfer from countries that have CTLs under operation to all partner countries. Main objectives include the know-how transfer, the establishment of CTLs, the production of educational material and the creation of a sustainable network BALKANETUP (Balkan Network for University Pedagogy).
This meeting’s main contribution was also the launching of BALAKANETUP, which is of major interest for the MAGNET project.
The University of Prishtina   participated in the first meeting held on 31.08.2023 – 02.09.2023 as part of the MAGNET – Managerial and Governance Enhancement through Teaching project, on the frame of Erasmus+ Programme - Capacity Building in Higher Education institutions. IBCM was represented by Prof.dr. Naser Zabeli  and Profas. Dr. Adhurim Rasimi.  Muharrem Salihaj. The project aims to increase accessibility, participation and retention of the academic institutions to the training in order to increase the quality of teaching. The meeting session was led by partner in charge - LOGOS University College from Albania. Initially, it was discussed and launched the strategic plan of Partners’ contribution on the Frame of Principles of the BALKANETUP. The meeting continued with a round of presentations from each of the partners and their work-package related to the progress and achievement of the first stages for project implementation.
During September 2023, representatives from the University of Prishtina and International Business College Mitrovica held meetings and worked together to draft the Kosova National Report for the MAGNET Project.