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Innovative model of studies and improvement of teaching process within MAGNET at UDG!

University of Donja Gorica (UDG) develops a very unique model of education and has a very clear research orientation, as well as a strategic orientation towards the development of entrepreneurial characteristic of its studies. 

The primary aim of studying at UDG (based on the study model according to “Professor’s equation” S = z ∙ i2) is to enable student - through acquiring knowledge and intensity of life during studies (where the latter, according to Professor’s equation, is more important and enables conversion of knowledge gained into abilities) – to be able to follow the global processes in the world around him/her, to notice changes or change tendencies, as well as potential problems and conflicts that go together with these changes, and to be able to accept the responsibility of solving such problems, either through creating products and services in their own companies (during the educational process we put an emphasis on this) or as an “expert on uncertainty”, who will offer his/her expertise to employers on the global market.

Managing the vision of University development over the last several years resulted in change and improvement of teaching process and curricula and participation in MAGNET project. These changes reflected the tendency to apply all comments and recommendations by IEP into the teaching process at UDG, in accordance to existing internal capacities, external conditions, and, most importantly, the development vision of UDG. UDG is an entrepreneurial innovative university whose model of studies is based on Rector’s concept – Professor’s equation-S=z∙i2, by which the theoretical and philosophical character of studies at UDG is expressed.
The process of organization and improvement of teaching at UDG, through the activities done both at university and faculty level within the MAGNET project started. From February 2023 around 15 trainings and workshops discussions with the aim of improving the quality of studies and teaching process at UDG were organized. The round-tables and trainings discussions are intended for all students, professors, associates and employees at UDG, all those who are directly or indirectly involved in the teaching process at the University. The total number of attendants in round-table discussions is 200 students, associates and professors. The main aim of the training and round tables were to discuss  ““Class as a work of art” with following topics:

• Innovative pedagogy;
• Analysis and implementation new teaching methods
• The review of the curricula of UDG study programmes and innovations in teaching
• Operationalization of idea – Why class should be an work of arts
• Innovative pedagogy, presentation of online tools and digital platform as good practice - ASU repository.