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The field of Pedagogy at HEIs requires fundamental development, including modern systemic solutions in the organization of faculty work while monitoring social aspects in the field of education. Creating a network that serves as a repository of both well established and cutting-edge literature and materials related to this field is feasible. Ensuring the proper functioning and continuity of the BALKANETUP after the completion of the MAGNET project, members should not only continue supporting this community but also expand it with new members from countries of the Western Balkan countries and beyond, including public and private universities, institutions, educational organizations within Higher Education, and individuals.

By prioritizing the sharing of knowledge and best practices, the BALKANETUP could foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in teaching and learning in Higher Education. To ensure the sustainability, the BALKANETUP should explore possible partnerships with organizations and institutions, whose resources and expertise can enhance its program and initiatives. This could help to increase the network's visibility and influence and sustain its influence and relevance over time.

To achieve this goal, the BALKANETUP is based on a clear purpose and goals that are communicated to its members. Encouraging active participation from members is crucial for the sustainability of this network and can be achieved by active participation in organized regular meetings, discussions, webinars and training sessions that are relevant to the needs of the members. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are key components of a sustainable networking. The BALKANETUP can create opportunities for its members to collaborate on projects, share best practices, and learn from each other. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the network through regular feedback from members, measure the impact of network activities, and make changes in order to improve the network's sustainability and effectiveness.