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Mission and Vision, Purposes of the Balkan Network of University Pedagogy

The BALKANETUP is a learning and practice community comprising Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTLs), scholars and HEI academic staff members, higher/adult education experts and stakeholders as well as organizations working in the fields of University Pedagogy, Adult Education, and Lifelong Learning interested in teaching and learning in Higher Education in the Western Balkans region.

The BALKANETUP ’s mission is to strengthen the relations among its members in order to promote the exchange of best practices in teaching and learning through the implementation of modern, innovative, transformative, competency-oriented and student-centered teaching strategies in HEIs.

The BALKANETUP is, therefore, a supportive and sharing community of educators committed to improving their practice and enhancing the quality of education for their students. This community provides an active context that permits its members to learn from each other, to share their knowledge, experience, and best practices. 

The vision of the BALKANETUP is to seek and promote cooperation among its members in the Western Balkans region in order to enhance academic staff development using the most contemporary methods.

The BALKANETUP aims at improving the pedagogical skills of academic staff  in various areas, through sustainable actions, divided into general and specific topics in order to address all disciplines and scientific areas. It works towards

  • encouraging the teaching staff of HEIs to collaborate,
  • sharing and providing opportunities for ongoing professional development and training, 
  • fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement among teachers, 
  • promoting innovation and creativity in teaching methodologies, 
  • supporting teachers in addressing the challenges they face as part of their teaching roles, advocating for the importance of Higher Education and the role of academics in shaping the future.

Thus, the main objectives of the BALKANETUP network include the know-how transfer concerning the foundation of CTLs, the production of educational material, support of research and partnerships with academics, scholars, experts, stakeholders, HEIs and organizations focused on creating a modern pedagogical culture in the Western Balkans Higher Education.

The BALKANETUP organizes a range of educational activities for academic staff, including conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, and counselling in the field of Higher Education Pedagogy, while it conducts and publishes research/surveys, shares good practices, material and literature on teaching and learning methods in diverse fields and disciplines.