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Management Model

During its initial phase, the BALKANETUP is launched and organized within the MAGNET project. The BALKANETUP is managed by its Assembly, which includes all members and is led by a three-member Steering Committee.

The Assembly will elect the Steering Committee and all working teams, experts, etc. for a 3-year mandate at the begging of calendar years, starting from 2026. It is preferable that academics and/or representatives of CTLs with an expertise on Higher Education Pedagogy and Adult Education participate in the Steering Committee. The role of the Steering Committee is to ensure the mission, active role, rules, and culture of BALKANETUP. It may also draw a Management Plan, which includes the preparation and setup of teams and tools, organization of internal meetings, seeking of new members and collaborations within the EU and national projects. To enhance engagement, the BALKANETUP Steering Committee provides ongoing support and professional development opportunities to its members, and monitors and evaluates its performance on a regular basis. Every year the Steering Committee provides a report including activities and initials taken by all members of the BALKANETUP. These reports are discussed in the annual Assembly meeting and uploaded to the BALKANETUP website. The Steering Committee at the end of its service period submits a SWOT analysis to identify critical success factors, and ongoing periodic summative evaluation of results that should be put in place for the future. Additionally, at the end of a 3-years-service a poll could take place among all members of the BALKANETUP to assess the quality of communication, engagement, implementation of the most successful practices, analysis, and identification of measures for corrections and improvements/optimizations necessary to achieve the objectives of the BALKANETUP.

The BALKANETUP members are nominated by the Steering Committee, and they are considered eligible upon submitting their application and CV. They must be elected by the majority (50% + 1) of the total members of the BALKANETUP or of the members present in the relevant meeting. 

According to ad-hoc needs, based on its activities, various committees and working groups, composed of interested and committed members to promote specific targets and responsibilities (within an inclusive and shared management structure), can be established in order to work on separate missions, projects, research, etc.

The Steering Committee may be assisted by a Scientific Committee consisting of four experts in the field of University Pedagogy.

Apart from the Steering Committee and in order to assist the ongoing activity of the BALKANETUP, a secretary, a treasurer, an administrator-coordinator, and technical officers responsible for updating the network may assume relevant roles. All of them should be members of the BALKANETUP, are nominated by the Steering Committee and they may work on a voluntary basis if there is no related budget available.