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University Pedagogy and ICT in higher education

The MAGNET Coordinator, Professor Katerina Kedraka, participated in a round table entitled: “University Pedagogy and ICT in higher education” in the framework of the 13th Panhellenic and International Conference “ICT in Education”, which took place on 29/9, 1 & 2/10/2023 in Kavala under the auspices of the International University -see
University Pedagogy was presented at the round table as a relatively new field in the higher education community, which is closely intertwined with the training of university teachers and with the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in the academia. The topic of the discussion is a timely one as in Greece a network of Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTLs) is being institutionally developed in HEIs across the country in order to support the University’s mission in cultivating learning and education through high quality and high-quality forms of teaching.

In this context, the Balkan Network of University Pedagogy, established and starting its operation in the framework of the three-year project MAnagerial and GoverNance Enhancement through Teaching (MAGNET) ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE-STRAND-1 (101083006), was presented. The importance of University Pedagogy was presented through the MAGNET Project, which is co-funded by the European Union and the coordinating institution is the Democritus University of Thrace. 12 Universities from 8 countries of the Western Balkans are participating. It aims to develop the field of University Pedagogy, to establish CTLs for lecturers in HEIs, and to develop the BALKANETUP network, which aspires to broaden cooperation and achieve coupling with more higher education institutions in the Balkan region.